Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Witch House

Quite a while ago a friend of mine and I drove around the warehouse district looking for a party we never found, listening to music. He sees a lot of shows and suggested Purity Ring. He turned the tracks up but for some reason it didn't go into my head completely. I thought I liked it but I never looked it up again.

It was only a few weeks ago when I remembered the name of the band and looked them up on Spotify. I got a basic account recently because you seriously cannot listen to Diamanda Galas with movie commercials between tracks. It's horrifying, really. So, I listened to some songs and there was one true stand out track. It's called Fineshrine.

I added the track to a mix I've been working on lately. The songs in this mix, called "In Blue," are trip hop influenced. The heavy beat in Fineshrine was what got it placed in that mix along with Megan James' vocals. I decided to see what Spotify radio had to say about their song and started it up. As in previous mixes a band called Austra popped up with a track called Beat and the Pulse. This one also made it onto the play list. I was really curious about what the genre would be because I identified with the sounds of the bands.

I looked it up and discovered it's called Witch House. The name was originally a joke, according to it's creator, but it stuck and people ran with it. I love the sound and listening to new bands where there are tons of synths and women is inspiring. I would dream of playing a show with any of them. I would feel like I fit right in.

Check out my mix!

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