Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's spend the weekend together...

Looking for something interesting to do this weekend? Want to sit back and enjoy some creativity after wandering around doing all the work after last weekends Art-A-Whirl? Friday night I'll be performing in Saint Paul and again Saturday night at the illustrious Club Jager in Minneapolis. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere at both shows. Though each night boasts a totally different feel.

Friday I'll be opening the night up at 9 for a slew of dangerously strange acts. This is going to be the most interesting thing to do in Saint Paul by far. Eclectic doesn't even cover it. After my set you'll be aurally enticed by the maestro one man act called Primadonahue. He has his eye on conspiracy, creativity, and quirk to the extreme. One look at his web site and you've already entered the Temple of Weird, one you'll never leave. Third up is Well Trained Monkey, another one man audio assault machine. He plays loops, guitars, saxophone, and sings. WTM is always from the heart and always a ton of fun. Closing up the night is a band I haven't played a show with yet so I'm really looking forward to seeing what they're all about. I'm talking about The Future Was Then, a local electronic group. Certainly this evening at the Hat Trick Lounge will befuddle and confuse those just in for a beer. Check out the event page on Facebook and come down. We'll take over Saint Paul for the night...


Saturday night at Club Jager is an experiment in decadence. I'll be opening the grand event which will feature electronica, gorgeous instrumentation, belly dancers, and even a drink special. (Har!) Scott Keever will be offering up his debut release, "Salieri's Revenge." I've listened to my copy many times already and I must say it's a beautiful album. Lush layers of guitars that create landscapes of a far away evening in your mind. A Twin Peaks feel throughout the length of the songs, echoing a psychic space of creativity and mystery that is rarely found in a bar show. Live he will have a percussionist with him and with a new, sleek set up for his electronics we're all in for a true treat Saturday night.
Dissociate will close out the night with his always dancey beats of destruction. With me opening and Dissociate closing we've become the sacrilicious bread that Keever's performance will be sandwiched into. A delicious meal of amazing proportions in one of Minneapolis' coolest venues. RSVP for the show on Facebook and spread the word!

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