Monday, March 14, 2016

Limited Edition ficshe Cd's Available For Pre-Order Now

Pre-order the newest release 'Elemental Mediums' by Friday 4/15/2016.
$22 via PayPal to with your shipping info.

'Elemental Mediums' combines ambient music and guided mediation for self-exploration in a modern electronic soundscape. Beginning with the element of earth you are guided to calm your body. Air's meditation brings a simple awareness to the flow of thoughts and strengthens focus. Water relaxes your emotional landscape and allows you cool reflection. Fire strengthens your inner purpose and heightens your perceptions of self. The cd concludes with tracks inspired by Norse traditions and ceremonial banishing.

I have been meditating since I was eight years old and have honed my skills working with varied groups and individuals at every skill level. Participating or leading meditations, I have an innate sense of how to calm and use my voice to engage the conscious mind in relaxing into it's natural state of peace. I wanted to share my experience and extend that to those interested in my music in general. This is a side of ficshe you don't get to experience at shows, it's the side of ficshe that is YOU.

Making my own ficshe discs is an artistic labor of love. Each release has its own aesthetic and process for embellishment. I focus on reducing waste and increasing artistic quality by hand painting each disc (absolutely CD player safe) and creating origami style CD cases. Each disc is painted, stenciled, and sealed in polyurethane to protect it. I create origami cases for each one and lovingly package them up with other goodies like one inch rock and roll buttons.

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2015 Special Edition
Examples of Stencils & Handpainting

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